Ladybird House

It is now the time of year when, as the springtime approaches, you will start to see ladybirds around.  You will often see them in your home, suddenly appearing as if by magic, making their way across a work surface in the kitchen, or walking along the window sill.

Not many people are aware that an adult ladybird hibernates throughout the winter months.  When spring or early summer temperatures reach around 13 degrees Celsius, the adult will emerge to feed, as this is a good indication that there will plenty of nice, juicy aphids to munch on.

To help these lovely little creatures get through the winter months, you can quite easily build a Ladybird House for them to sleep in.  Below is a small presentation explaining how you can make a quick and simple one from a bottle.

To download the full presentation to view later, click Ladybird Bottle House

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